Almost halfway done with baking chocolate chip cookies for 150 people. Harder than it sounds when you only have one tiny oven. Oof.

They’re for a good cause, though - the opening night party for this play, which my brother produced.

From the TDF Stages article about the theater he manages:

This fusion of Off-Broadway resources and off-Off-Broadway spirit makes Ars Nova the rare theatre that can support the boldest visions of young, untested artists—artists who haven’t won grants or reached large audiences, but who are promising all the same. If you’re twenty-four and your show needs a giant frog statue and a film noir tone, then Ars Nova will make it happen.

So yeah! Though the cookies are an opening night party thing only, the show is up through September 24th, and tickets are super-cheap!

My best friend writes romance novels about chefs.

Really! And they’re great - funny, smart, sexy and full of delicious food. (I help develop and test the recipes, even!)

Louisa’s first trilogy (The Recipe for Love series) is centered around a Telepan/Dovetail-like restaurant on the UWS and has a most excellent M/M subplot running through all three books. The first book of her second trilogy was released today, and you should all buy/borrow it immediately! (My favorite is the third book, since the heroine, like Louisa and me, is a total nerd and Bryn Mawr grad.)

This new trilogy is centered around a year-long competition, along the lines of the Bocuse d’Or. I haven’t read the final version of the first novel (Too Hot to Touch), but the draft I read a couple of months ago was fabulous.

Get thee to a bookstore! (Or library! Or e-book site!)