I am SO frustrated.

I am trying to interview a couple of real estate lawyers to hire someone to help me with this purchase. I have tried to schedule actual time with them, and they all just want me to call them when I am free. The problem? This has led to three days of phone tag with four people, because of course they are never free when I am and vice versa.

Why the allergy to making a fucking appointment to talk? This could have been done and dusted days ago.

Missing this nifty design talk due to work travel. Anybody want my ticket?

Tobias Frere-Jone: In Letters We Trust
For centuries, letterforms have been a means of security for citizens and governments alike. This talk will explore the ways that letterforms have been used in plain sight and in secret, to thwart forgery. Some strategies have relied on high-profile collaboration, and others on home-grown cunning. Interwoven is a story of war and peace, technology, culture and economics. The narrative will focus on banknotes from the American Colonial period to the present day, with additional examples of passports, government permits and lottery tickets.

Parsons The New School (12th between 5th and 6th)
Wednesday, September 17 at 7 (doors open at 6:30)

Autumn is coming.

I went out for my run this morning and had to turn right around, come back upstairs, and put on a jacket.

Then, just now, I was just sorting my laundry while on a conference call (gotta love those working from home privileges), and I realized that half the stuff I’m washing tomorrow is going to get folded up and put straight into winter storage.

Sheesh, that was fast.